Server Virtualization

Server virtualization enables multiple (and diverse) operating systems to run on a single physical machine as so-called virtual machines (VMs) and share hardware resources across multiple physical servers. These virtual machines are in reality regular files, which bring a completely new level of flexibility and agility into the Windows Server world. You can consolidate workloads across multiple underutilized servers onto a smaller number of machines. This leads to reduced costs through lower hardware, energy, real estate and management overhead, while creating a more dynamic IT infrastructure. Server virtualization also offers an unmatched ease and cost efficiency when it comes to high availability, fault tolerance and disaster recovery.

Citrix XenServer, VMware ESX/vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V are three of the dominant platforms in this market today.

Let's discuss how virtualization could become your most competitive business advantage. Virtualization is no longer a technology for a technology's sake, but technology for business' sake.

If you want a company that has vast experience with key virtualization technologies and their business benefits, contact TMS today. We are certified with Citrix, Microsoft and VMware and have completed hundreds of successful engagements. We can partner with you every step of the way from the early phase of a technical & business analysis and assessments through a proof of concept, pilot deployments production roll-outs, and training and support.


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