Small Business Security

Minimize the Risks to Your Data, Network, and Users 


For small businesses a security strategy may consist of a firewall and antivirus software. While that may have been adequate several years ago, a good security strategy should be multi-layered. If your company is connected to the Internet, that alone makes you a target for hackers, network attacks, malware downloads from insecure browsing and viruses sent via email.

TMS recommends a multi-layer strategy based on Defense in Depth:

  • Blocking network based attacks
    • Examples: firewall, antivirus gateways, secure email, spam protection, and secure web filtering, intrusion detection and prevention
  • Blocking host based attacks
    • Examples: personal antivirus, personal firewalls, spyware removal, host intrusion prevention
  • Eliminating security vulnerabilities
    • Examples: patch configuration management and compliance, vulnerability management and penetration testing
  • Safely supporting authorized users
    • Examples: strong passwords, VPNs, secure remote access, file encryption, ID access and management
  • Tools to minimize business losses and maximize effectiveness
    • Examples: backup, log management, regulatory compliance tools

Each layer builds upon the previous one and if a layer is "skipped" then your company is vulnerable and at risk. Ideally your company implements each of these layers for a secure network and computing environment, however, it may be cost prohibitive.

TMS can assist you in determining the best security strategy for your company that minimizes the risks to your data, network and users.


Technology Management Solutions provides Managed IT Services to small and medium sized businesses within the Rancho Cucamonga, Pasadena and Los Angeles CA areas. Specialising in all areas of Information Technology, and being a single point of contact for any of your IT needs is what makes us a primary choice. Put simply, we make your IT pain free by being affordable, professional, and dependable along with providing a vast array of information technology solutions. That's everything you can ask for in an IT department.

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